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Artfest in the Pines

Pembroke Pines, Florida

South Jersey Pumpkin Show Festival

Woodstown, New Jersey


Feature Listings

We all know that successful festivals vendors & entertainers advertise.
A Featured Listing on FestivalsandEvents.net gives you a very high visibility on the site.

  • Your Feature rotates on your category home page- festvals, vendors, entertainers.
  • Your Top Image rotates on the side of your state listings linking to your feature page.
  • Feature Designation at the top of your state listings.
  • Vendor & Entertainer Features are included on all states you serve.
  • Includes any/all information you would like.
  • Includes 3 pictures.
  • Includes link to your Facebook page.
  • Includes your youtube video (or a video you submit to us).
  • Modify your listing anytime, to keep all your info current.
  • Easily feature each of your events through the year with 1 feature. **
  • Cost is $149 per year, a cost effective price.

** How to Feature each of your events throughout the year.
After each of your events, you can totally modify your feature listing - changing the name, dates, images, everything.
And Voila, Your next event is Featured at no additional cost.

Vendors & Entertainers have the ability to modify any and all info as well.