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Festival or Event Planning Guide

How to Organize a Birding or Nature Festival

Nancy S. Millar   See more about Nancy Millar


If a city wants to attract birders, there have to be birds. There are no birds without habitat. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to encourage the preservation and enhancement of native habitat. We have seen this as a major long-term goal, so created a planting committee along with all the others. If resource preservation is one of your goals, also, I highly recommend this committee to you as well.

  • Encourage native planting every time you talk to a reporter, every time you talk to a service organization. Tell children how important it is and why. Tell your sponsors. Tell your volunteers.
  • And the do it yourselves! Plant a garden of bird-attracting plants in city parks, on school grounds, in business landscaping, at private homesIn our second year, we had a group come to us with a donation specifically to plant natives in the city park across the street from our festival location.
  • Encourage others to plant natives. Start with your volunteers and sponsors. Take a photo and offer it to the paper every time a business landscapes with natives. (Mention the festival, of course!) Take the idea to schools, to public buildings, even if you donate a plant or tree. Remember- get the publicity!
  • Talk about it. Consider having lots of native plants for sale at your trade show.
  • Consider creating and publishing a list of native plants, what they attract and other pertinent information.

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