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Festival or Event Planning Guide

Choosing a Theme and Name

Now that you have decided to hold a festival, you must choose a theme and a name for your event.

If you have something that is unique to your community that is of interest to a diverse, enthusiastic group from your town, this may be a great way to go. The ability to get people involved is certainly easier if they are more interested in the theme.

Is there something with natural beauty or something out of the ordinary? Is there a landmark, historic home or anything that is indigenous to the area that your event can be built around?

Themes can fall into a wide variety of categories
  • Anything Creative
  • Local History
  • Ethnic or Cultural
  • Agriculture
  • Holidays or Seasonal Events
  • Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
  • Music & The Arts
  • Local Industry
  • Natural Resources

It does not have to be a really clever name, but something unique or even whacky that will catch the eye of festival goers. A unique name will go a long way in helping you promote your event. Of course the shorter the name the better.

When choosing a name, gather your group and let the names fly, encourage off the wall or crazy names. Keep at it until there is a nice list from which to choose.

Then discuss which theme to choose based on how easy it may be
  • To promote it, this year and in future years
  • To develop a variety of activities around it
  • To garner volunteers to assist
  • To get sponsorship money
When your group is all on board, then let it be done.
Don't allow anyone to make you second guess yourself.

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