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Oct 10, 2015     Lanternfest
Sparta , KY - 1 Speedway Drive
An afternoon of bands, food and family activities followed by the release of 5000+ lanterns after sundown. Festival is 1 years old
Est # of food vendors- 0   Food vendor apps are closed
Est # of non-food vendors- 20   Non-food vendor apps are open
Est. attendees-6000   434-549-7030  
June 02 -June 04, 2016     US 215 Yard Sale
Berea, KY - 3 state 565 mile event
This is a 3 state (Ky, Tn, NC) 565 mile yard sale event. Thursday is our most heavily shopped day Festival is 6 years old
Est # of food vendors- 40   Food vendor apps are open
Est # of non-food vendors- 500   Non-food vendor apps are open
Est. attendees-50000   859-779-3005  

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