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Conclusion and Final Word, Planning a Fair, Festival or Event

Even after the last visitor leaves, the event is not over-at least not for its organizers. Some late details must be handled.

One matter that must be taken care of promptly is to extend thanks to individuals, firms, and organizations that helped with the event. A personal note mentioning specific contributions is strongly recommended; the mass produced "thank you" doesn't really carry much sincerity. Including a photograph of the person "caught in the action" or a sponsor's contribution is a nice addition to the thank you note.

Many organizers also prepare an event notebook including a complete report from every committee. By featuring all kinds of information-budgets, telephone numbers, outlines, news releases, contracts, and even a list of mistakes to avoid-these notebooks pave the way for next year's event crew. It's also a great way to preserve event histories and traditions. The event board should continue to meet with the fi nance committee to make a fi nal accounting of all revenues and expenditures. Be sure to pay bills as soon as possible.

Finally, it may be a good idea to schedule an after the event party to reward everyone that helped with the event. People have a chance to relax and share the experiences of a long and interesting day.

A Final Word

Throughout this pamphlet it has been suggested to observe other fairs, festivals, and special events of all types, and talk to the organizers for new ideas and solutions to problems. Refer to the bibliography at the end of this publication for a list of resource materials that will be quite useful to most festival planners, organizers, and workers.

In addition, consider contacting other civic or volunteer organizations such as 4-H, Scouts, Jaycees, or YMCA to get a different perspective on organizational skills and working with volunteers.

Small Business Administration can be adapted for your uses. Running a festival has some close similarities to running a small business.

We welcome your comments regarding this handbook on fair, festival, and event management. Please let us know if the ideas presented here have been helpful to you or if you have discovered additional tips that you would like to share.

Thank you.
Larry Ward
Event Production and StageForRent.com
P.O. Box 3641, Milton Florida, 32572
Phone (850) 983-9519
Fax (850) 983-9579


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