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Pony Pals Party Ponies
Live Pony Carousels & Petting Zoos
Ashland City, TN
Live Pony Carousels!

Pony Pals sells pony carousels for sponsored events. The carousel can be purchased for $500 the first two hours and $100 each additional hour. We currently have 3 pony carousels and can bring up to 10 ponies to an event. 100 lb weight limit on ponies.
*Mileage fee $1 a mile one way.
Petting Zoos

Pony Pal's petting zoo has a vairiety of goats and sheep, llamas, alpacas, chickens, turkeys, ducks, minature donkeys, a minature horse, a Holstein Calf, Minature Highlad Steer, and potbelly pigs. This is truly a barnyard exhibit! Let us know about the event that you are planning! The petting zoo can be bought through sponsorship. Petting zoo cost is $225 for the first hour and $100 each additional hour.
*Mileage fee $1 a mile one way.
We bring the party to you!

Pony Pals is your one stop place for your animal events needs! Our pony carousels and petting zoos are mobile so we can bring the party to you! We are USDA licensed and insured. The Pony Pals staff have a great love for animals. All animals are under shade and we make sure to always have visible hay and water for the animals. All of our animals are very cared for and are in great health. It is our pride to professional display animals to the public.

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Pony Pals Party Ponies
Contact Info
Heather Laudano
4999 Hunter Rd
Ashland City, TN 37015
Phone 270-498-1614
Fax -
Email US
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Pony Pals Party Ponies images
Pony Pals Party Ponies images